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The Global Forum/Shaping the Future is an internationally recognized think-tank for exchange and networking among governments at national, regional & local levels, private & public organizations, research & development experts.

The Global Forum is an independent, high profile, international, non-for-profit event dedicated to business and policy issues affecting the successful evolution of the Digital Society. The Global Forum brings each year in a different city around the world more than 300 key policy-makers and public/private stakeholders from more than 30 countries from all continents, it is often considered as the Davos for ICT.

Organizers & Co-organizers


Items International is an international consulting firm based in Paris, dedicated to Information & Communication Technologies strategies. ITEMS International is specialized in digital technologies and services: broadband, Internet, broadcast and software.

ITEMS proposes a various range of consulting assistance: Strategic studies, Market analysis, International benchmarks, Technological Analysis, Business plans, Due diligence, Roll out assistance.

Created in 1994, the company has a long experience in strategic and marketing consulting, networking, knowledge sharing and transfer. ITEMS has launched a strategic activity in smart grids and smart cities (including contactless, open data, e-Gov, mobility and smart energy). ITEMS operates with public and private institutions, including the European Commission and the French government. The different backgrounds and the versatility of our consultants lead to a unique company’s expertise in the areas of ICT strategies, project management, services
and usages.


Kora propose a new way to grow yourself, your ideas and your business. Created by Regus, Kora is an international network of inspiring partners, events and places to work.

Join a growing entrepreneurial community, connecting with Kora and Regus members and partners from the worlds of business and learning.

Find the inspiration, knowledge, skills, services and people you need through our learning and networking events and our local Kora directors and connectors.

Make a home for your business in the nurturing environment of Kora locations around the world.


The Brainport region, with Eindhoven at its heart, is a world-class top technology region. High-tech and design are combined with high-end manufacturing industry and entrepreneurship. Cooperation and sharing knowledge are part of our DNA and provide the basis for the characteristic open innovation culture which makes Brainport Eindhoven so intelligent and strong. By quickly anticipating the world-wide changes and continuously forming new connections, we create new opportunities for everyone. This attracts talent and companies from all over the world. In a unique business climate we work together in finding solutions for societal challenges with regards to health, mobility, energy, food and safety. When you google innovation, it is no coincidence that the first images you will find are light bulbs. 125 years ago, Philips brought light to Brainport Eindhoven. The company transformed the region into a vibrant industrial success story.

Nowadays Eindhoven is a city of opportunity, encouraging possibilities. Of brainpower, work ethic, of fun. There is a constant flow of new developments in the fields of creativity, innovation, technology, design and knowledge. Eindhoven is bursting with energy!  Geographically situated in the southern part of the Netherlands, the Brainport Eindhoven region has a population of around 750,000 and a workforce of 400,000. The economic success can be attributed to cooperation, both regional and international. The cooperation among industry, knowledge and educational institutions and the government – the so-called triple helix collaboration – is unique. This economic success in Brainport is crucial to the international competitiveness of the Netherlands: along with Amsterdam (airport) and Rotterdam (seaport), Brainport Eindhoven is one of the main cornerstones of the Dutch economy. www.brainport.nl/en


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Eindhoven is a truly digital friendly city with an ecosystem of universities, research institutes, companies, valorisation centres and SME associations.

Eindhoven is the industrial and innovative heart of the Netherlands and has been awarded the Intelligent Community of the Year award and is ranked among the top “European Cities and Regions of the Future” by the Financial Times close to London and Helsinki.

Evoluon Center
The Evoluon is the iconic and welcoming environment where entrepreneurial people meet and build on their success. The Evoluon’s mission is to provide the optimum facilitation of inspiring gatherings and meetings. Evoluon aims at turning every meeting, event, conference or exhibition a great success.

The Evoluon is a conference centre and former science museum erected by the electronics and electrical company Philips at Eindhoven in the Netherlands in 1966. Since its construction, it has become a landmark and a symbol for the city.

The building is unique due to its very futuristic design, resembling a landed flying saucer. It was designed by architects Leo de Bever and Louis Christiaan Kalff  while the exhibition it housed was conceived by James Gardner. De Bever and Kalff only got two demands for the design of the building, it had to be “spectacular” and it had to be possible to hold exhibitions in the building.

Its concrete dome is 77 metres (253 ft) in diameter and is held in place by 169 kilometres (105 mi) of reinforcing steel bars.


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